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What IS Stollen, Anyway?

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Every year during the holiday season, Holland Farms Bakery & Deli offers customers our take on the traditional German bread-like cake, stollen. We think you’ll find that our delicious stollen is a far cry from the original recipe from the 1400s – which consisted of flour, oats, water and… turnip oil!

The reason original stollen had to be made with turnip oil was because in medieval Saxony, bakers were not allowed to use butter during the Advent season. It was not until 1490 that the ban on butter during Advent was lifted (for the royal family only).

Stollen certainly has changed over the years, and while most people are used to the traditional German Christstollen, other cultures feature a similar cake, such as the Dutch Kerststol or the Italian panettone. Holland Farms’ stollen is a sweet delight, filled with fruits and spices, and drizzled with icing. So stop into Holland Farms today and enjoy a traditional taste of the holidays.

Holland FarmsWhat IS Stollen, Anyway?

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