Jelly Buns from Holland Farms are the Best

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You’ve seen our commercials featuring local celebrities indulging in delicious Holland Farms Jelly Buns, but have you tried one for yourself? If not – you should! And if you already have – what are you waiting for? Come on in and pick up a dozen of these delectable treats today!

Our Jelly Buns are a central New York favorite, and are made from scratch, fresh in our bakery, every day. In fact, every February is Jelly Bun Month – in the month of February alone, over 55,000 of these yummy treats are sold, including Heart Shaped Jelly Buns made for Valentine’s Day. Most of our customers love their Jelly Buns covered in sweet, snowy confectioner’s sugar, but you might also want to try our glazed or plain varieties as well. Not to mention, every single Jelly Bun is over-filled with amazingly delicious black raspberry jam, so be sure to grab a couple of napkins, too!

And if you want to make your morning Jelly Bun an especially memorable experience, try one with a hot, perfectly brewed cup of Holland Farms coffee. Our coffee is a select private roast, is always brewed fresh in our super-clean coffee machines and is the perfect complement to a squishy, whishy over-filled Jelly Bun. So start your day off right with the tasty perfection of a Holland Farms Jelly Bun – you’ll be glad you did!

June 9, 2015

Vicky W. – I’m addicted to your jelly buns!! The rest is great too, but mmmm those jelly buns.

Holland FarmsJelly Buns from Holland Farms are the Best