Everyone loves it when you bring Coffee from Holland Farms

Our private roast of Paul deLima coffee, the frequency which we brew, and our super-clean coffee machines ensure that you get a delicious cup of coffee to start your day. It’s so good, it’s addicting! The good news is that you can come back again and again, all day long, and get the same delicious taste in every cup. Our decaf coffee is brewed fresh all day long, too. Or try a hot chocolate, hot tea, a french vanilla cappuccino or iced coffee or tea.

The only thing missing from that morning coffee is one of our great cookies, donuts, or specialty baked goods. Go ahead and look them over before you leave.

Holland Farms Coffee has been voted the Best of the Best many times by the Observer-Dispatch’s readers.

P1050788Our coffee is always hot, always fresh, and served with real half & half cream. Like it light? Have it with milk or skim milk. Like it dark? Try our fresh brewed Midnight Blend. Like it flavored? Ask for fresh brewed Paul de Lima’s Hazelnut or French Vanilla or add a flavored creamer. However you like your coffee, when our smiling clerks see you coming they’ll have your order ready for you, steaming hot and ready to go. And be sure to get a couple of donuts for dunking!

Coffee for a crowd? We’ll fill a Box of Coffee-to-go with just brewed Paul de Lima coffee, give you all the fixin’s, and send you on your way. (Best with jelly buns, chocolate frosted fingers, or a variety you pick out to share with your friends or co-workers.)

Coffee Drive-Thru

P1050471Having a day when you just don’t want to leave your car? Ya gotta drive around and pull up to our express drive-up window on the west side of the building. It’s open every morning until 10am and from 3pm ’til closing on weekdays, and until noon on the weekends.

Have little ones in the car? Don’t want to leave the dog? Just not ready to get out of your car for the day without some delicious Holland Farms coffee? Ya gotta drive around! We have all the morning papers, fresh baked goods, and our full selection of coffees waiting for you and service with a smile.

Just picked up the kids? Need some groceries? Call and place your order for bakery and deli items, milk, bread or something for supper, pick it up at the window after 3pm and you’re on your way home with the toddlers still asleep in the back and with a quick cup of coffee for you. Easy…but ya gotta drive around!

Because it’s an express window, we ask you to order no more than three cups of coffee and six pastries so that we can serve everyone quickly and with a smile. Come on in for larger orders. Our coffee clerks will have you served in a jiffy!

June 9, 2015

Anna M. via Yelp — The coffee at Holland Farms is good and hot and perfect with a cookie or a scone.

Holland FarmsEveryone loves it when you bring Coffee from Holland Farms