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Moo News? Who Knew!

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You know Holland Farms is the place to come for fresh baked goods, but did you know how we got our start? Holland Farms began as a door-to-door milk delivery business in 1928, by John Piersma. The milk was fresh from the Oriskany family-owned dairy farms and was pasteurized and bottled right there in the creamery. The cows were sold and Holland Farms milk was no longer available after Herman and Richard Piersma retired from the milk business in 1996.

As you can tell from our sign featuring Chuckie and Cupcake, we know we owe our start to dairy cows. In fact, at our first location on the triangle in Yorkville, calves were on display throughout the month of June in celebration of Dairy Month.

So, when we were thinking of a name for our brand-new e-newsletter, we couldn’t help but go back to our roots – those beautiful bovines! And hence the name Moo News, in honor of the dairy cows that helped bring Holland Farms to fruition more than 80 years ago! If you’d like to receive your very own monthly Moo News, be sure to let us know, and we’ll add you to the list.

Holland FarmsMoo News? Who Knew!

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