Utica NY’s Famous Halfmoon Cookies

Are you mad for halfmoons? So are we! We bake some of the very best halfmoon cookies in central New York, fresh from scratch, every day. In fact, we’re so mad for halfmoons here at Holland Farms that we’ve declared March as Moon Madness Month!

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Halfmoon cookies are unique to our area – they originated right here in Utica in the early part of the 20th century! When people who have moved away from central New York come back to visit, they almost always tell us that of all the things they miss from here, they miss our halfmoons most of all.

Of course, Holland Farms offers the traditional chocolate halfmoon cookie frosted with half chocolate and half vanilla icing. And yes, we make the same cookie in vanilla.

But we also know our customers have different tastes, and sometimes are looking for something a little bit out of the ordinary. That’s where the halfmoon madness comes in.

Would you like a chocolate halfmoon with all-chocolate icing? No problem. How about a vanilla cookie with all-vanilla icing? We make those! Maybe you’d like a jelly coconut moon… we do that, too. Or what about a chocolate moon with vanilla swirled frosting, or… a vanilla moon with chocolate swirled frosting? You guessed it – you can get one of those halfmoon cookie varieties at Holland Farms, too!

One of our newest halfmoon varieties is our carrot halfmoon…

A delicious carrot cookie with chocolate and vanilla cream cheese frosting. Yum!

Additionally, we create special halfmoons for special occasions – you’ll find them dressed in red for Valentine’s Day, wearin’ the green for St. Patrick’s Day and frosted in pretty pastels for Easter. We can frost halfmoons to reflect your special occasion, too – just ask us!

So stop in today to Holland Farms and pick up a delicious halfmoon cookie – and don’t forget your friends and family! We’re sure to have a halfmoon to suit every taste, but if we don’t, ask. We’ll make one especially for you!

We Ship Halfmoons!halfmoon

Want to share?  Student away at school?  Mom and Dad moved to Florida?  Someone missing a taste of Utica?

Give us a call at 315-736-6044, talk with any one of our smiling clerks, and we’ll have half moons on their way to you in a jiffy.  We mail our half moons Priority Mail, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (we don’t want them stuck in the post office over the weekend), packaged to stay fresh, and you’ll receive them in 2-3 days.  From our Bakery to your table, wherever in the U.S. you live.  We also ship to APO and PPO boxes.  (The men and women of our Armed Forces, from Guam to Korea, have sent us thank-you emails.)

Share a Taste of Utica and send some Holland Farms Halfmoons out today.  It’s easy… just give us a call at 315-736-6044.