Dutch Almond Sticks and Letters (Bankets)


If you miss the great taste of Holland Farms, you can always get a little bit of it delivered to you. Holland Farms Bakery and Deli ships Dutch Almond Letter Bankets all over the world. That’s right- if you miss Dutch Almond Bankets or have a relative who wishes they could get a taste of home, it’s time to place your order.

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They’re called banket, banketstaaf or letterbanket, but here at Holland Farms, we call them Dutch almond letters a – a delectable pastry that’s only available at Holland Farms for a limited time each year. As anyone from Holland will tell you, Dutch letters are a delicious holiday treat, and it’s easy to see why – buttery and richly flavored with almond, these treats have become one of Holland Farms’ favorite holiday offerings.

Our Dutch almond letters (bankets) are made by first forming a log of almond paste filling. Then, we blanket the filling in buttery pastry dough, and either leave them as a stick or form them into letters. Finally, we bake them to golden brown, flaky perfection. These treats can be served right away, or can be frozen and enjoyed later on.

Dutch letters are available November 15 to  January 14.


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